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13 Must have wedding detail shots

As an Tampa, Florida wedding photographer I love shooting bride and grooms, portraits are one of my favorite parts of the wedding day. But another thing I get excited about shooting are all the the little details of the wedding. Such as the dress, rings, flowers, etc. Many bride and grooms forget to have all of these details laid out for their Sarasota wedding photographers to photograph and often are scrambling at the last minute to get all of those items together so they can be documented. But you might be asking, why are these things important? Because they help tell your story in your wedding photos, and it really helps tie the whole wedding together. You also may have taken a great deal of time either picking out all of these little details, or you may have spent hours actually putting your centerpieces together and you really should have those photographed so you can look back at these things and look fondly back at your wedding. So if you’re planning a wedding you might be thinking, are what are somethings I should make sure to get details shots of? Here is a list of 13 things to make sure that your St Pete wedding photographer doesn’t forget to captured on your wedding day. Make sure to have all your bridal accessories organized and ready to be photographed once your Clearwater wedding photographer arrives the next day.

1: The rings and jewelry

Everyone loves beautiful shots of some gorgeous jewelry, especially the engagement ring! I play around with the the layout of the jewelry in different ways and and photograph it from different angles. I try to always shoot the rings in space that if full of natural light.

2: The brides shoes

Like most girls I am obsessed with shoes in general, full discloser I have lost count of how many shoes I have in my closet. So naturally when it comes to wedding shoes, I have to photograph those beautiful pair of pale pink Badgley Mishka wedding shoes. Sometimes my brides will have two pairs of shoes, a high heal for the ceremony and formal shots, and then a cute pair of flats for the reception and dancing, so I make sure to photograph both.

3: The perfume and cologne

I think photographing the perfume or cologne the bride and groom wore on their wedding day adds a little special touch. No matter if it’s a signature sent you’ve aways warn or something you purchased just for the wedding, it’s the scent that they will remember forever and remind them of their wedding day!

4: The wedding dress and veil

The search for “THE” dress for a bride can be a lot of fun but it’s also a very big part of the whole wedding planning processes. After all you are only going to wear it for one night. Having your Tampa wedding photographers photograph the dress helps you remember the way you felt in your dress. I try to take the dress outdoors if possible for some gorgeous natural light photos of the wedding dress. If that’s not possibleI find a room that is clear of clutter and full of good natural light to photograph it in. These are some of my favorite detail shots!

5: The bridesmaids dresses

After shooting the brides dress I love taking a moment to shoot the bridesmaids dresses as well. I like to photograph them all together in one shot if possible. You took the time to pick and choose what your bridesmaids would wear, so why not take the time to let your St Petersburg, Florida photographer photograph them!

6: Family heirlooms

This is something that is very common in weddings in general, but I’ve noticed this especially important to my southern brides. They take their sentimental, keepsake items that have been handed down to them very seriously and want them photographed. It means so much to them to have their grandmothers handkerchief, pearls, or picture frame incorporated into her wedding. As your Sarasota wedding photographer I always makes sure to ask if you have any keepsakes you want photographed and make sure I take time to photograph each one of them.

7: The invitation suite

After the wedding invitations have gone in the mail sometimes there isn’t any left over. Or if there are they are dog eared or look less than desirable. So make sure to set aside one entire invitation suite for your Clearwater wedding photographers to photograph. If you forget, ask someone in your bridal party to remind you or even ask them to keep their set so you can give into your Tampa photographer the morning of the wedding.

8: The bridal bouquets

Florists are truly artists and experts in their own field. They design some of the prettiest and most elaborate pieces of the wedding. So make sure to have those documented!

9: The boutonnieres

Boutonnieres may be small, but they can make a big statement on your wedding day. In addition to being a traditional wedding accessory, boutonnieres are a fun way to add a bit of personality, color, and interest to your attire.

10: The grooms tux and accessories

We can’t forget about the Groom and his details. He might not care to remember what he was wearing but I know as the bride will appreciate capturing some detail shots of the shoes, cuff links, tie, etc.

11: Untouched ceremony

I think there is something so sacred and peaceful about the ceremony untouched shots. I like to shoot the ceremony with no guests in the images. I shoot with a wide angle lens to capture as much as I can of the ceremony and all its little details. Such as petals on the ground, isle runner, the reserved seating signs or arrangements, all of it! Plus it a great way for the bride and groom to see how the ceremony sight looked without all the guests in the shot.

12: Reception details

This is where I like to shoot the centerpieces, cake, favors, seating chart, gift table, guest book and any other special items the bride and groom may have at their reception. Again, if possible (depending on your photography timeline) I like capture these shots before your guest arrive so they are untouched and still clean and pretty.

13: The place setting

Depending on your style and what you chose for your place settings these can be creative place cards, bold linens and unexpected china. All these little details all come together to make these wedding table setting ideas shine.


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