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Marc + Meghann

Meet Marc and Meghann! I met them through Panowicz Jewelers. Marc had Meghann's engagement ring custom made and my goodness did it turn out beautiful! This shoot was especially fun because their connection and love was so apparent and effortless . I love when couples are so in-tuned with each other that they start to forget that I'm even taking their photos. And you can certainly tell in their photos they are are madly in love! Thank you so much Marc and Meghann for letting me be apart of your love story and I look forward to working with you again!

To see more of their photo session click here to see additional photos.

Marc and Megahnn-77.jpg

Marc and Megahnn-74.jpg

Marc and Megahnn-72.jpg

Marc and Megahnn-66.jpg

Marc and Megahnn-55.jpg

Marc and Megahnn-48.jpg

Marc and Megahnn-38.jpg

Marc and Megahnn-30.jpg

Marc and Megahnn-21.jpg

Marc and Megahnn-14.jpg

Marc and Megahnn-6.jpg

Marc and Megahnn-91.jpg

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