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  • Nina Bashaw

French themed bridal shower

As many of you know that my sister is getting married in a few weeks and we are so excited and happy for her! But of course when you're getting married there are lots of showers and activities leading up to the wedding which includes bridal showers. So when it came to Jill's bridal shower we knew it had to be French themed because Jill loves all things French and has been to France several times. My sister Layla planned the shower flawlessly and everything turned out photos from Jill's shower, here are some of my favorites. beautifully. We ate homemade French food that my sister prepared by hand and drank yummy French champagne, played a few fun games and then watched Jill open her beautiful lingerie from her guests. I wanted to share a few of my favorites from her shower and I hope you enjoy them!

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