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4 reasons to book a bridal portrait session

You might be asking what are bridal portraits? A bridal portrait session is when the bride to be gets all decked out in her wedding dress with hair, makeup, and even a bridal bouquet, we go to one or two locations and take some gorgeous photos of you all dressed up. Bridal portraits might sound strange to some, but it’s a long standing tradition in the south that I think every bride should take advantage of no matter where you live. Here are some reasons why I suggest book a bridal portrait session.

1: Time

Unfortunately, there never seems to be enough time on the wedding day to capture everything. Even with the best planned wedding unexpected things can happen and the day very quickly goes by. With a bridal session, there is never any rush or pressure, therefore you are calm and relaxed with out the pressure of having to stick to the wedding day timeline. Since the session is just of the bride you don’t have to worry about keeping your guests waiting or the pressure of anyone watching you. It is truly a wonderful way to have beautiful bride portraits without feeling nervous or rushed.

2: Getting comfortable

A bridal session is another great way for you and your photographer to become more acquainted and comfortable with each other. During your bridal portrait session we can learn which poses flatter you the most as well as get you more comfortable being in front of the camera. Rather than working together for the first time on the wedding day, (if you didn’t have an engagement session) you and your photographer will have already experienced working together and can maximize the available time to get the best photos possible all while keeping you calm and relaxed.

3: Hair and Makeup

A bridal session is the opportunity to book a trial run for hair and makeup. This is a great way for the bride to see how it looks in photographs. To ensure your hair and make up will look flawless before taking that walking down the aisle I urge brides to schedule a hair and makeup for the bridal portrait session. I also suggest to check with your florist to see if they will put together a bouquet for the bridal session. Now that you have the dress, the shoes, the accessories, the hair and the make up, why wait until the day of the wedding to see how it will all look? Doing bridal portrait shoot gives you the opportunity to see exactly how you will look and give you time make any changes prior to the wedding day.

4: Location

Often the location for portraits on the actual wedding day is limited the venue due to the wedding day timeline. There is no rule that says your bridal portrait needs to be at the same venue as your wedding, in fact I encourage you to pick a different location because of that reason. After all you will get hundreds of photos of you at your wedding venue on the wedding day so why not take the opportunity to explore a different location!

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