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  • Nina Bashaw

How to plan the perfect elopement

Eloping can save you lots of time, money and stress and it can also be super romantic and special. No matter if you’re heading down to the courthouse or off to a exotic destination, here are some ways to plan the perfect elopement while making it fun and memorable.

Elopement planning tips

1: Wear a beautiful dress

It has been said that because you’re planning an elopement and not having a traditional wedding, you can’t wear that Princess-style gown you’ve been dreaming of your whole life, and instead you should choose something simple. This is not true! If it’s your desire to wear a traditional wedding gown then go for it, if you decide to wear a brightly colored non traditional wedding dress that’s fine too. After all this is your wedding day, so wear whatever you love and feel beautiful in.

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2: Hire your dream photographer

This is my number piece of advice when planning an elopement. Don’t skip professional photos on such a happy and momentous day. Your wedding photos are a great way to share your special day with family and friends who weren’t there to witness the special event, as well as treasure them for years to come. With such a big moment in you life you want to have that documented even though it was a small elopement. Everyone should have wedding photos no matter how large or small their wedding is.

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3: Talk with a wedding planner

An elopement doesn’t have to be last minute, thrown together thing. Just because it’s going to be small, it can still be planned out and a special event. Once you decide where you want to get married at, talk with a wedding a planner, and one that possibly specializes in elopements and small events. They can suggest unique places to have the wedding, where to spend your honeymoon, and help coordinate any wedding related vendors. Their main job is to take any wedding related stress off your hands.

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4: Be very selective in who you invite

Eloping is designed to be small an intimate, but that doesn’t mean having to limit the day to just the two of you. If you choose to only have the two of you at your wedding, go for it. But if you would like your parents, siblings and any close friends to be there on there on your wedding day there is nothing wrong with that either. If you choose to have a handful of people to witness your marriage that is completely up to you. However, no one should make you feel pressured to have anyone attend your elopement. You shouldn’t be guilted into have a guest list of people attend your wedding that you don’t want there.

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5: Celebrate later with your close family and friends

It doesn’t have to be a huge and elaborate a reception, after all that would kind of defeat the purpose of forgoing a large wedding. However, it might be nice to have small a get-together with family and friends so they can celebrate your marriage. It can be as simple as small event in the back yard of your home or friends home, with cocktails, appetizers and dessert, along with some music playing in the background. You could even make it cocktail attire, so that you could get a chance to wear that beautiful wedding dress again! Just remember to keep it simple and stress-free as possible.

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6: Send out a marriage announcement

Wether you have a party or not, you should send out a marriage announcement so your nearest and dearest feel apart of your celebration. Especially grandparents and long distance relatives and friends should be at the top of the list. They may have not be able to be apart of the actual elopement or party, but they can still celebrate with you from afar. It’s also a great way to showcase some of your gorgeous wedding photos by incorporating them into the announcement.

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7: Tell your family and friends before hand

In the past eloping had the connotation of running off secretly to be married, usually without the consent or knowledge of one’s parents. Times have changed and now days it’s not uncommon for bride and grooms to elope. After all it just means that two people are getting married as a consenting adult with a witness and an officiant. While you might prefer to keep your elopement as private as possible it’s nice to let those you love know about your plans beforehand (perhaps only a few days before) so they can feel as much a part of it as possible. Although they won’t be there, keeping them informed of your plans could make them happy and feel apart of the celebration from miles away.

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