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  • Nina Bashaw

Business Branding and Logo design

Lets talk business branding and logos. A the beginning of the new year I moved across the country from the Seattle area to Columbia, South Carolina. And before my husband and I officially moved to a new part of the country, I had decided to do a small rebranding of my business. It made sense to me because I had wanted to change my logo for while and re-design my website. So I felt like it was the perfect time to make the transition. I kept my same business name, but I wanted a more clean and simple look to my logo and website. So after months of looking at fonts, talking with graphic designers, and opinions from family, friends, and even clients I found a font that I loved, created and designed my own logo. Which then lead me to countless hours of completely re-desiging my website to match and reflect my new logo. I wanted my website to look cohesive, clean, simple and for my website to show off my work rather than a big and bold logo. I love my new website and new logo, all of the hours of me going back and forth, (maybe some screaming at the computer) were worth it in the end!

During this search of finding the perfect font let me to a new passion, business branding and logo design. I am by no means a graphic designer, but I love all things creative so it makes sense to me that this is something I would enjoy dabbling in. I could seriously sit at my computer for hours creating logos! So I wanted to show you a few logo designs that I created myself. These are all just hypthical logos, and I made these business names up, they are not real business. (not that I'm aware of anyways). Let me know what you think! Do you think I have a career in logo design? ;)

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