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Things your photographer wish you knew

As a portrait and wedding photographer one thing that is key is communication with my clients. Hiring a portrait or wedding photographer ensures that all of the special moments from your session or wedding day will be captured how you imagined and leaving no room for error. I'm always striving to learn how I can better serve my clients, but I wanted to reach out to other photographers to get their thoughts and opinions on what they think makes their process easier and better, so I asked some friends what they thought and this is what they told me.

That when we advise them to do something in particular, it’s because their photos are just as important to us as they are to them! We’re never difficult for the sake of being difficult...we just know from the hundreds of weddings we’ve shot what will work and what won’t. So listen and relax! And no one dances unless the bride and groom do. So if they want a fun reception, they need to get on the dance floor! And they need to know that their DJ/band will make or break the party!

- Melissa of Melissa Brewer Photography

Communication is key! Not just the photographer to the client but the client to the photographer i.e. what poses they like and what angles they don’t want you capturing of them.

- Jillian Banks of Backyard Photography

There is a huge community of photographers out there supporting each other, and also, we are an excellent resource to utilize when you’re planning! (Even if you didn’t book us!)

- Karly of Karly Richardson Photography

If there was any one piece of advice I could give a bride, it would be to allot way more time than you think you need for each part of your wedding day. The entire event goes by so fast and it's easy for everything to become a blur. Not only will you enjoy yourself more, your photographer can use that additional time to make sure every detail is perfect for you. After all, your images are literally everything after the wedding is over. Help your photographer shine with a well-designed timeline!

-Rebecca of KRK Studios and Rentals

Your timeline is the most important part of planning your day. If you and your coordinator and photographer are on the same page then everything will go smoothly.

- Sarah of Southern Class Photography

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