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Duties of a being a bridesmaid

There are certain bridesmaid duties that come with the responsibility of being a bridesmaid. The bide will be busy planning a million things and every bit of help will go a long way. Here are 5 things according to Wedding Forward you should keep in mind while being a bridesmaid.

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1. The Peaceful Dress Purchase

Some brides prefer to make the dress buying process a group effort by visiting dress stores and finding the best dress for everyone. Others may prefer each bridesmaid to adhere to guidelines she has in place and find the dress on their own. Most of the time the bridesmaid will send a photo of their selection for the approval of the bride. There are occasions where the bride wants to see the bridesmaid in her dress before the purchase. Whatever the case, be supportive of the bride and her wishes. As a bridesmaid, agreeing to be in the wedding was also agreeing to be peaceful as well.

2. Keep It Calm & Cooperative

The bride may be a bit frustrating and hard to get along with at times but keep in mind, she’s not only stressed but she’s also your friend. Keep calm and cooperate with her by trying to adhere to her sporadic suggestions, last minute changes and any other against the grain ideas she may have. Don’t add to her stress or create uncomfortable situations by being confrontational.

3. Expressive Excitement

Being a bridesmaid will not be easy at all times but it is much easier with the right attitude. There will be times when a bridesmaid feels that the bride is being a bit too pushy or insensitive to her personal life. This is common and there may be too many tasks to complete n a day but always wear a smile and do your best. The bride and others involved will appreciate your enthusiasm and effort and it will make the relationship between bride and bridesmaids much easier.

4. Be Proactive

Bridesmaids should help wherever there may be a need for assistance. The Maid of Honor, coordinator, mother of the bride and other task coordinators could really use the extra help. Ask to help with a certain task and don’t wait on them to ask you or for something to go wrong before stepping in. Help with organizing, scheduling or perhaps become a liaison for out of town guests and their reservation needs. Most importantly, let the hosts and brides family know that you are available and eager to help.

5. Support The Bride

The bride chose you to be a part of not only her special day but the events that lead up to it as well. This is a key indicator that she loves and trusts you to help her during this special time of her life. Show her how much this means to you by making yourself available when she needs you. Be an ear for her to vent too, a shoulder for her to cry on and help when she needs it but most importantly, be the support she needs whenever she needs it.

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