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5 reasons why you need getting ready photos on your wedding day!

My Charlotte, NC brides often ask why I feel that “getting ready” photos and detail shots on your wedding day are important. As your Columbia, SC wedding photographers, one main reasons why I encourage my bride and grooms to take getting ready photos into consideration when planning out your timeline is because they make for some absolutely stunning photos! However, there are a few additional reasons why you need to make time for detail shots and getting ready photos! So as a Greenville photographer here are 5 reasons why I think every bride should have getting ready photos taken on their wedding day!

1. Plenty of time to photograph all your details

If you choose to not have getting ready photos, more than likely you will possibly have no detail shots due to time and scheduling. However, if you include these photos into your shot list, and build them into wedding day timeline your Columbia wedding photographers will have time to photograph your gown, shoes, jewelry, veil, invitation suite, heirloom items, etc. And we can’t leave out the grooms details too; I love photographing his shoes, tie, cuff links, ring and boutonniere. This is the time when I am able to get creative with how I shoot each of those little details and without being rushed. I bring a large bag filled with little items to style those all those details, such as a flat lay styling board, ring boxes, ribbons, marble ring dishes and much more! When I’m given an hour or hour and a half of getting ready coverage time, this enables me to not only beautifully photograph your wedding details in an organized manner, but it also allows me to photograph you as your hair and makeup artist are putting the finishing touches on you. From there getting shots of you putting your dress on, and your mother helping you out your veil and shoes on.

2. Time for you photographer to warm up

When I arrive at a wedding, I really like to get a “lay of the land” and map out a plan of where I want to take some your detail shots at. This is especially crucial if its a venue I’ve never shot at before or someones private property. It takes time to figure out the logistics of where the best light is and in an area that is private so that your groom or guests can’t see your dress prior to you walking down the isle. It can feel hectic and rushed to show up to a wedding, meet everyone quickly, and then immediately begin shooting. For this reason, I arrive early to say hello before, see how everyone is feeling if need be make changes to the timeline. After all that is done and everyone is settled then I begin the process of the detail shots.

3. Helping everyone become comfortable in front of the camera

Another bonus to having getting ready photos is that this gives the bride, groom, bridal party and parents time to become acquainted with me, how I give direction, and overall become more comfortable with me and my camera. When we have been able to spend some time together prior to formal photos this often makes them feel more relaxed, less nervous, and more comfortable with me photographing them.

4. It helps tell your wedding day story

When I am able to have time to photograph your details and getting ready shots once you receive your full wedding gallery you will have a more well rounded view of your wedding day. And it helps tie the whole wedding day together. It’s also a great way for those that were not in attendance to feel like they can really imagine what the wedding looked and felt like. And after all you’ve purchase all of these items for your wedding, why not have them and your memories preserved with beautiful photos!

5. They look beautiful in wedding albums

I think its extremely important to understand that getting ready photos and detail shots are a bigger part of your wedding day than you might realize. These images are little moments in time that preserve that last hour and minutes before you become husband and wife. These photos can be fun and light hearted, but they can also be some of the most emotional and touching moments of the day. Believe me, you will want these images in your wedding album!

So for these reasons this is why as your Augusta, GA wedding photographers, I strongly encourage to you not skip getting ready photos!


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