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7 Things to bring with you to your bridal salon appointment

You’re getting married which probably means you’re spending countless hours looking through Pinterest, bridal magazines and even wedding planning blogs such as The Knot and Wedding Wire to help plan your wedding. And one thing that is usually at the top of every brides list is finding that perfect dress! More than likely you already made a salon appointment and you can’t wait to try on those gorgeous gowns! But if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by all of the options and pressure to find the dress, here are seven helpful tips to keep in mind when wedding dress shopping!

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1: Go in with an open mind

There is a good chance you have a very specific idea of what you envision for yourself as a bride. And by all means try on those dresses that you have seen on Pinterest and gravitate towards. But don’t rule out a princess gown just because you have 100’s of lace fit and flare dresses pinned to your wedding board. Be willing to try on every kind of silhouette so you can see how you look in each of them and what flatters your figure the most. It might surprise you as to what you end up loving and picking.

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2: Don’t go over budget

As hard as it might be, resist the urge to try on that designer $8,000 dress if you budget is $2,000. Remember that that there are lots of other things you need to save for in order to afford your wedding. Going that far over budget on your wedding dress will mean you will have to cut out something else and often have to sacrificing on quality to make up for over budget dress.

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3: Bring the right undergarments

You will need to wear and bring nude color bra and underwear. And be prepared to being a strapless bra, one that would allow for a lower back cut dress, and a pair of seamless underwear or thongs.

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4: Bring your accessories

Do you have your shoes and jewelry picked out yet? If you do bring those along so you can see how the whole look ties together. If you are on the fence about what kind of dress or style you might end up picking, then bring along classic pearls and perhaps a diamond / CZ set for a more glamorous look. You can try all the accessories with the dress you are deciding on to see if you like them together.

5: Have you’re hair and makeup do professionally

Having a trial run on your hair and make up before your bridal salon appointment can be a huge help when seeing yourself in that dress. Yes, you don’t know what dress you will pick yet, but you know you’re personal style when it comes to hair and makeup. So you can just bump up the drama factor a little so you can imagine yourself walking down that isle. Have your hairstylist fix you hair in a way that you could easily leave it down if you desire that, but also easily pull it up if you try on a dress that you think it might look better with your hair tied up.

6: Bring a floral bouquet

This doesn’t have to be a huge wedding bouquet. It could be a simple floral arrangement that you create yourself by picking up flowers at your local florist or grocery store. (Fresh Market has the best and healthiest flowers) Or you could buy a silk bouquet from your local craft store. The point of the flowers is so you an really envision yourself walking down the isle. It’s to help you see how the whole look ties together.

7: A positive, honest, and kind group of friends

It can be fun to have a large group of girlfriends and family members with you while you try on dress, but it can also pressure you to make a choice with something you’re just not comfortable with. So bring a handful of friends that will support you, but also give you honest feedback as to how they feel about a dress your deciding on. Whomever you chose to bring should be kind and not make the appointment about them. If the dress you fall in love with is gorgeous, flattering, and one you feel beautiful in, then they should support that and celebrate with you rather than saying negative comments.

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