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Lightroom Editing with Colorvale Presets

Lets talk editing for a few minutes. One of the biggest parts of a professional photographers job is editing, in fact it often takes up the majority of the time from beginning to end of a shoot to delivering the photos to my clients. For example, lets say you book my mid package which comes with two hours of shoot time, quadruple the time of the photo session and that is on average how long it take to go through the images, pick the best of the best shots, and then edit the photos. (And an eight hour wedding would take me about 32 - 40 hours of editing On average) Generally I would say my turn around time for a photo shoot is about two weeks and a wedding about 4 weeks. It also depends on if you have booked me during my busy season and how many photo sessions and weddings I had prior to your session or wedding. I take about 75-100 photos per hour of shoot time and then cut that down to about half or more of what was taken at the photo shoot. Why not deliver every shot taken? For a few different reasons, 1: there are duplicates sometimes triplets of the exact same image and who wants three of the exact photo? 2: Not every photo taken is a flattering photo, often there are shots where you’re in mid smile, your eyes are closed, or you get distracted and are not looking at the camera. So that is why I take my time while I’m culling and editing my photoshoots to make sure my clients not only receive the best images from their wedding or photo session, but that they will love each and every photo. In my wedding packages and portrait packages I include carefully edited digital files, I do not give my client unedited / RAW files because its not a true representation of my work. Part of my job is editing the photos so you can see the best version of yourself.

I thought I would share a few before and afters of some photos so you can see some examples of what was shot straight out of camera and what the client will receive. The following images where shot with manual settings in RAW format and then edited with Colorvale Presets in Lightroom.

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Columbia wedding photographer | Columbia senior photographer

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Editing with Colorvale Presets | Colorvale Eluded | Colorvale Nightcap | Colorvale Breakthrough

Lightroom Presets | Lightroom editing

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