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Family photo cheat sheet

As a Columbia, SC wedding photographer one thing that I always enjoy shoot at a wedding is the family photos. And I have found that family photos often take up a large majority of the wedding day timeline when making sure to get a photograph with everyone that you want. I sometimes see brides become overwhelmed with choosing what order to do family photos in and keep track of who they have already taken photo with. I've heard brides say they don't want to leave anyone out or hurt anyones feelings. I encourage my bride and grooms to give me a shot list of everyones names and family groupings. That way when it comes time for family photos we have everyone written down and in the order of which the photos will be taken. Having a family shot list helps keep it organized and stress free. And to help with where to start with making the family photo list, here is a cheat sheet for you to customize to fit your wedding.

I hope you found this helpful and happy wedding planning!

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