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How to host the perfect Engagement Party!

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How to host a great engagement party!

The Menu

1. Choose recipes that have a running theme and have some of the same key ingredients, this will save you time and money.

2. Play to both adventurous and more traditional tastes. Just because something is traditional that doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

3. Everyone loves starches, after all they are delicious, filling, and a less expensive option.

4. Cheaper cuts of meat are more work, but easier on the wallet. If you choose a less expensive meet to serve, that will require little more attention, so prep that meat the day before. Starting a day early is also a great way to take some pressure off of prepping the day of the party.

5. Dips, sauces and jams are always fun and yummy.

Having options will allow your guests to play and experiment while creating there own recipe on their plate.

The Experience

1. Take a few minutes for yourself before guests arrive. Plan thoroughly to make sure that you are done prepping at least an hour before your guests arrive. Allow yourself time to clean up and get yourself ready before the guests start to arrive.

2. Let your guests roam and discover things on their own. This includes building their own drinks, exploring the food in their own time and in their own way. This allows them to drink and eat in a relaxed environment. Have tables set up as food or drink stations, it encourages movement and cuts down on long lines.

3, Great your guests. Make a real effort to say hello and have a quick conversation with each of your guests, and to thank them for coming.

4. Planning a grownup party is like herding cats. Make sure you have enough space for everyone to move around and hold conversations with out feeling packed in.

5. Have someone to help the arriving guest to the back yard backyard. A significant other or friend works perfectly for this. Just make sure to thank them for all their help.

7. Create conversation areas. Little setting areas and nooks outside the house will help guests to feel relaxed and have conversations.

Ask Friends for help

1. Ask your guests for help. Hosting a party can get expensive and there is nothing wrong with admitting you can't afford to host an entire party all by yourself. Good and honest friends will be happy to help with the food or drinks, all you have to do is ask and tell them what to bring.

2. Ask friends to help you set up and clean up after all your guests have left. Its amazing how much quicker the clean up process goes when you have a few loyal fiends to help you out! Again, thank them for all their hard work!

Columbia, SC wedding photographer | Augusta, Ga photographer | Charleston photographer


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