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How to insure you will have a great cocktail hour at your wedding!

6 tips for a great cocktail hour!

How to help you plan the perfect cocktail hour
cocktail hour tips

1. Have music playing.

This one might seem kind of obvious, but its a small detail that is often overlooked. Remember that the music you choose can make or break a vibe, carefully consider what music will be playing during your cocktail hour.  Consider the crowed and how you want to make your guests feel. Do you want the energy to be jazzy and low key or do you want to set a party mood? No matter if you have hired a DJ or live band, it should be easy for them to create a mood that will easily and seamlessly match the  reception music. Make sure you give them a list of music that is a must play and any hard passes!

2. Have food and drink stations.

One way to engage your guests and to socialize is to have food and drink stations. For example a food and wine pairing, a whiskey or tequila tasting (depending on what time of year you're getting married) or let them be their own bartender and have a "create-your-own" cocktail bar, (with the help and supervision of the bartender).  The point of food and drink stations is keep your guests from just sitting in their seats and so they won't be board of of their minds while they wait for the bride and groom to arrive. You want them to have a good time right from the start of your wedding!

3. Make your cocktails interesting.

I love me a signature cocktail, I think its a great idea for bride and grooms to have a couple different signature cocktails to appeal to everyone in attendance. It can be hard to narrow down what kind of cocktails you will have as options. So start with your favorite type of liquor and then build the drink around it. Make it fun and interesting by adding a twist on a classic drink such as martini or sangria.

4. Think about and seasonal flavors and region.

If you’re getting married in a region that is famous for their cuisine, make sure to incorporate it into your cocktail hour. Lets say your wedding is in Italy, add some mini lasagna cups, bite-sized portions of bruschetta, or individual meatballs. Even if you are having a local and low-key wedding you can still make your can still cocktail hour food memorable by having seasonal flavors incorporated into the dishes.

5. Create lounge areas for guests to relax.

I am obsessed with lounge areas at a wedding. I LOVE bride and grooms create the feeling the reception starting outdoors with furniture and lighting!  Making   lounge areas is a fun way to define a more casual space at your venue and gives you the opportunity to incorporate your your personal style. It also gives your guests a place to gather, menage, and see friends and family they haven't see in years . Adding throw pillows, blankets, and candles can be a simple way of helping set the mood and making your guest feel relaxed! 

6. Entertainment.

Getting together with old friends and family you haven't seen in years cocktails is great, but sometimes it can get awkward or even a little boring. So why not have a few games to help easy those awkward moments. For example, roquet, corn hole, horseshoes, Jenga, tic-tac-toe just to name a few. Yard games can be fun for everyone, and are especially useful for keeping children entertained while the adults enjoy their cocktail!


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