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Facebook engagement groups, the one you should join!

This not like a blog post I would normally write but as a small business owner and someone who blogs often I have learned a lot in the past few years about social media and SEO and I wanted to share some helpful tips that I've learned along the way. I've learned so much from reading blogs, watching webinars and hours and hours of research.

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One thing that I found incredibly helpful is Facebook engagement groups. I have been apart of many of them and some of them I could tell right away didn't match up with my business goals or weren't geared towards those with a real business or serious bloggers. However, there are others that I found to be so helpful and really contributed to me getting to page one on a google search (SEO) in a matter of a couple months rather than a year. But I still had a hard time finding a group that was filled with legit business owners and avid bloggers. I wanted to be apart of a group where there was a real sense of "community over completion" and filled with people that truly supported each other.


So myself and another business owner ( Christie Adams Design ) and I created our own group. In this group there are daily threads that only have two requirements / rules. 1: full participation on the thread. You must interact with everyone that leaves a blog link or social media handle. And 2: your comments must be positive and relevant to the subject. So if you're a small business owner who blogs often and wants to increase traffic to your website to improve your google ranking then join the group! If you're looking for help to more visible on social media then by all means request to join the group. You must answer a few questions and provide proof of a small business or blog via your website and social media handles. This group is FREE and you are NOT required to follow the admins. We only require you to fully commit to a thread if you drop a link. It is a full participation group, all or nothing threads.  


Monday - Blog comment day

Tuesday - Pinterest re-pin

Wednesday - Instagram like and comment

Thursday - Facebook like and comment

Friday - Website / blog click through

Here is a link to our FACEBOOK GROUP and we look forward to getting to know you and help you grow your business!

Look for our group by searching "Social Media + SEO Boosting Support Group" and looking for this image in the search. If you've found this timeline photo you've found the right group!

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