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Wedding details that will never go out of style

With engagement season just behind us this mean that you are probably knee deep in wedding planning and you might be overwhelmed with all the wedding trends that are out there right now. Or what if you want a classic wedding that will still be beautiful 20 or 50 year from now? Here are some wedding ideas that will be beautiful and timeless!

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1 : Simple white invitations

Clean and crisp white invitations set the tone for a classic and timeless wedding, with simple laser cut details and a focus on the font.

2 : White Dress

A traditional white dress is not only timeless but also beautiful No matter the neckline an a-line silhouette transcend decades.

3 : A long veil

One of my favorite bridal accessories is a traditional long, sweeping veil, after all they are beautiful and feminine.

4 : Simple bun hair style

You can channel inner ballerina with a simple and classic bun. This hairstyle is that has stood throughout years of style changes.

5 : Matching bridesmaids

The mix-and-match trend is beautiful, but it’s also a trend that you might not see in weddings in a few years. However, matching gowns will guarantee your bridal party look will stand the test of time.

6 : A black tux

A black tux always looks sharp, dapper and classic.

7 : White Ceremony Chairs

Simple white chairs never fail to stand out and make a statement, especially when they are against the bright colors the ceremony.

8 : Tall Floral Arrangements

You can give floral arrangements some height for an elegant finish. You also can put a modern spin on a timeless look with a unique vase.

9 : Cinched Cocktail Tables

Cocktail tables stand out with a simple ribbon wrapped around the tablecloth.

10 : Floral Centerpieces

While creative centerpieces can add a fun or unique look, you can’t go wrong with a traditional vase of roses.

11 : Elegant Table Settings

The trick to a timeless table setting combines, lace or satin table cloth, a simple napkin fold, followed by beautiful china and dinner menu.

12 : Seating Chart

A framed seating chart is not only beautiful, but it provides an easy and organized way for guests to find their seats.

13 : Place Cards

Have paper place cards in a pop of color against neutral tones for a timeless look and feel.

14 : Candles

You can have candles lining pathways, ceremony aisles or as part as the centerpieces, candles are a classic way to create a soft, romantic feel.

15 : A Book Guest Book

There are many trendy ways to create a guest book, but there is something special about an actual hand written guest book, customized to fit your style.

16 : Getaway Car

There's no other way to end the perfect day than in getaway car with "Just Married" across the back.

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