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What should I DIY at my wedding or special event?

Who doesn’t love a great DIY craft project! And now days there are so many great DIY ideas thanks to Pinterest, especially when it comes to planning a wedding or special event. However, for as many successful DIY projects there are just as many, if not more, projects that didn’t turn out according to plan. So before you run out to the local craft store and buy supplies to make anything you’ve ever seen on Pinterest, take some time to prioritize what is most important to you and your spouse-to-be. Do you care most about food? Music? The dress? Once you’ve pinpointed your priorities, plan a budget and either DIY or hire professionals accordingly. So “What should I DIY for a special event or wedding and what to leave for the professionals”, you might ask? Here are some great ideas and tips from Rustic Wedding Chic and to help you with this very dilemma!

What To DIY


Save-the-dates and invitations are the first ways that those folks outside your close friends and family will hear of your engagement and plans to marry. Why go with an overpriced set of embossed invitations printed in a hard-to-read font, when you can make your own invitations instead? DIY invitations are more personal, casual, and generally far less expensive than paying someone else to do it. Whether you use a photo software program, convince a designer friend to whip something up for you, or create something simple yourself using PhotoShop, DIY wedding invitations are the way to go. Not only are they cheaper, but DIY invites allow the unique personality of the couple to really shine.

Dance Lessions:

People don’t dance anymore. They may stand in a circle at a club or sway back and forth at a concert, but who wants that caught on camera for their first dance? So couples everywhere shell out big bucks to get dance lessons before their big day. But why? Instead of going to an awkward dance studio and paying tons of money, invite your bridal party over, have some drinks, and look up waltz tutorials on YouTube. You’ll be far more comfortable surrounded by friends, and the best part: it’s free!

Flowers and centerpieces:

Some florists charge amazing fees to create beautiful rustic wedding floral arrangements and rustic centerpieces for weddings. But with a little creativity, you can create your own for a fraction of the cost, and with much more of a personal, handmade flair. At Rambling House, they love the look (and price tag!) of wildflowers, set in a simple vase or jar and accented with twine. If you’re looking for more traditional flowers, consider heading to the grocery store and buying a few big bouquets, and then split them up into several different vases. Smaller, simple arrangements are easy to put together yourself, cost less, and add a laid-back feel to the event.


Keep it simple. There are some delicious sparkling wines available for a fraction of the cost of Champagne. Get some favorite beers and wine, but don’t break the bank: your guests are not going to be checking labels and complaining that you didn’t get top-shelf brands. Design a signature cocktail for the wedding, and create your own “base” to have on hand—DIY sours, cosmopolitan mix, or infused vodka for example. Not only will you have fun designing the drink, but guests will remember it, and you won’t have to buy liquors and mixers for tons of different drinks.

What to leave to the professionals

Planning/ coordinating:

Sure, you’re organized, you know exactly what you want, you like being in control, and you have a million friends and relatives who have promised to help. But whether you choose to have a planner for the entire duration of the wedding, or simple a day-of coordinator, professional help can mean the difference between an event that feels handmade and inviting, and an event that feels cheap and disorganized. A professional vows to dedicate themselves to making sure you and your fiancé are happy, that the event will look as good in real life as it does in your head, and that no one gets lost or goes hungry. Having a DIY wedding is fun and fantastic, but a day-of planner will allow you to be stress-free the day of your event and truly experience your wedding day.


These days everyone knows someone with a quality camera and a good eye. But before you agree to let your mom’s friend or your neighbor take the photos of your big day, remember that there are advantages to hiring a professional photographer. A professional won’t know anyone at the event, so they won’t be socializing and potentially miss important moments. A photographer will also understand where the lighting is best, what time of day is the best for different kinds of shots, and will think to get different shots that a family friend might not consider. Your wedding photos will be something you treasure for years to come, so consider spending some money to ensure that they are perfect.


People love to rave about a good meal, and love to complain about a bad one. So while asking your mom to cook your favorite dishes or considering making part or all of the meal yourself might seem like a way to make things personal and save some money, the food is really best left to a caterer. A caterer will know what sorts of foods are appropriate for which sorts of events, what time to serve different courses, how to combine you and your partner’s different tastes, how to accommodate guests with dietary needs or restrictions, and how to cook on a large scale for an event with many guests. Take some time to sample different caterers’ foods, peruse their menus and package offerings, and seek out reviews online and from friends. See some ideas on how to plan a seasonal wedding menu.


It’s certainly inexpensive and easy to make a playlist, bring out the iHome, and simply provide the music for your event in that fashion. But a band or DJ has a presence, and is there for the opportunity to add another layer of warmth, personality, and hospitality to your wedding. They can take requests, set the pace of the event, and change the types of music they’re playing based on the mood of the crowd—your ipod can’t.

By Maggie Lord In: Ask Maggie & Wedding Advice, DIY Wedding Ideas, Rustic Country Wedding Decorations, Rustic Country Wedding Ideas, Rustic Country Wedding Inspiration, Top Posts February 27, 2013

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