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Why hire a professional makeup artist for your wedding day or photoshoot?

A few weeks back I had the chance to interview professional makeup artist Samantha Gargiulo owner of Samantha Carly LLC and it made me really want to write another blog post about this subject. But this time I wanted to get tips and advice from several makeup artists. I enlisted the help of several makeup artists and here is what they had to say.

Why hire a professional makeup artist for your wedding? Why no skip professional makeup on your wedding day? Nina Bashaw photographyFine Art engagement photographer serving Columbia, Charleston, Greenville, Charlotte, NC Augusta, Ga, Nashville, TN surrounding areas and worldwide destination weddings and elopements.

Columbia, SC makeup artist, Tamekia Geer had to say:

"I believe the bride is the centerpiece of her special day. She invests in the perfect dress, cake, flowers and venue. I think investing in the perfect makeup artist makes everything come together flawlessly and beautifully."

Aimee Scott, a Livermore, CA makeup artist had this advice :

"Be stress-free on your wedding day while ensuring perfection: It’s good to have a skilled opinion on a day that can be so overwhelming and emotional. You may be too nervous to apply your eyeliner properly or even get your hair to cooperate within the tight time frame. A pro will help you create a stress free environment! They will more purposeful in providing services than you would at home. The artist will come to your location, be punctual and efficient and ensure you and bridal party are all ready with even some time to spare.

*Application techniques* : A pro also understands how many different factors can affect your look. For example, makeup for photography is entirely different from an everyday makeup. How many times have you seen a photograph of a bride that just didn’t look like the best version of herself? You may notice that her skin was uneven or her hair was all over the place. More than likely, the person who did her hair and makeup did not understand how to perform services suitable for photography. Your photographer will also be very thankful!

*High End Hypoallergenic & Long Lasting Products* : Your hair and makeup bags are very unlike a pro’s kit. Professional artists have a great variety of products and they know what products to use. They know where to use them and in what intensity to ensure you look good in person, as well as in your pictures. The products they use are from many different lines and this is important because we all know that our everyone’s skin is different! These products will also help to achieve a flawless and most importantly, long lasting look. Most (if not all) products are all waterproof and many are suitable for HD film/TV, that means they will last throughout your entire day while still looking and feeling incredibly natural.

*Wedding day schedules* : A pro artist is not only trained to apply flawless, enduring makeup, they are also skilled in the art of making you feel at ease in every aspect of the process. An artist will not only work with you to create a very detailed wedding day timeline for all services needed, they will also achieve a stunning hair & makeup style that will transcend time."

Charleston, SC makeup artist Jasmine Jones said this :

"When searching for a Bridal Hair/Makeup Artist it is important that you search for someone who can match your personal style. I hear quite often how some Brides decided to do their own Makeup or have “a friend do it”. This is amazing if you have a friend that is willing to do your Makeup for your most photographed day ever, but I think the friend would enjoy her time more by taking the moment in with you and experiencing great moment before you tie the knot. It can best extremely stressful for a Friend to do your Makeup or even the whole Bridal Parties Makeup. I suggest finding a Team of Stylist that’s use to working in smaller timeframes and have a few weddings under their belt so you can take the stress off of your loved one and hiring a pro to do it. The pros will no what products work well in high def photos. The last thing you want is the have flash back in all your Wedding Photos because your friend used the wrong powder!"

Here is some advice from Irene O'Brien, an NYC and Long Island makeup artist

- So your Big Day is quickly approaching… you haven’t spared any time in booking your perfect location and venue or your perfect photographer or videographer, so why would it be any different when it comes to choosing your Bridal Beauty Professional? You want to make sure you book your Bridal Hair and Makeup Artist in advance as well. In fact, as early as 6 months or more before your Big Day. That may seem to be too early, but you’ll have your pick of top talent and a seasoned pro in your area.

- A well seasoned and skilled artist will be experienced with working on different skin types or textures and be equipped to make sure your makeup lasts or looks great for different lighting and photography.

- Applying makeup for the camera can be tricky and is very different than everyday makeup. You definitely require more makeup as well regardless if it’s a dramatic or natural look that you’re going for - and a professional will be able to achieve either look without making it look like a “mask”.

- There are no “one size fits all products”. Your Artist will know how to evaluate your skin type and choose the right products for you to achieve the best finish for your skin and overall look.

- It is your day to shine and a seasoned professional will not only make you look your best for your Wedding Day but will also be able to help keep you relaxed while being pampered. After all, you’ve dreamed of this day for so long so it should be no less than spectacular!

Charlotte makeup artist Norelle Baker has this adivice

- Doing your own makeup well on a daily basis is not the same as doing your makeup on your wedding day. Hiring a professional who understands color, tone, shape and uses professional products is going to make all the difference in how you look.

- Your pictures will look 100x better when you hire a professional. When you hire a professional makeup artist who understands your style and vision for your look, everything will jive!

- A professional knows the latest trends and techniques when it comes to hair and makeup. You may watch a lot of YouTube, but recreating those looks is not always as easy as it seems. Let a pro help!

- Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist often work with many other like minded wedding vendors. If I refer another wedding vendor, I assure you they are excellent at what they do.

- Last but not least..If you think its expensive to hire professional, wait till you see how expensive it is if you hire amateur!

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Why hire a professional makeup artist for your wedding? Why no skip professional makeup on your wedding day? Nina Bashaw photographyFine Art engagement photographer serving Columbia, Charleston, Greenville, Charlotte, NC Augusta, Ga, Nashville, TN surrounding areas and worldwide destination weddings and elopements.

Nina Bashaw is a fine art engagement photographer serving Columbia, Charleston, Greenville, Charlotte, NC Augusta, Ga, Nashville, TN surrounding areas and worldwide destination weddings and elopements.


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