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2018 wedding trends

2018 wedding trends according to The Knot

So The Knot recently wrote a blog post about what they are seeing for wedding trends for 2018. So I wanted to write my own blog post about their predictions for what we can expect for upcoming weddings in the year 2018. Here are my thoughts on some of these wedding trends.

1: Vibe over Palette

What does this mean? Well after reading The Knots blog post on this here is what they are producing for 2018. Couples are choosing the overall vibe of their wedding instead of sticking to a traditional color palette for the wedding. I actually like this idea and I can’t wait to see what couples choose as their wedding day vibe.

2: Statement Escort Card Displays

This one I am really excited about and I have personally seen these ideas at styled shoots and real weddings. Anything from flowers walls, to donut walls that allow their guest to find their name and assigned seating as arranged by the bride and groom.

3: Asking for Cash

I recently discussed this very subject with a few of my fellow Columbia, SC wedding photographer friends. We talked about how we have all noticed that bride and grooms are asking their guests for money as their wedding gift rather than a traditional item off a registry. I think registries aren’t going anywhere and they are very helpful for guests that want to get them a specific gift that the bride and groom needs or wants. However, there is something to be said about hard cold cash. Some might feel like it’s less personal, but this way the bride and groom can use it for what they really want or need rather than having to return 5 knife sets.

4: Balloons and Arches

Okay so to be 100% honest, I’m not a huge fan of the ballon idea. When I think of balloons I think of a children’s birthday party or a graduation party. However, I have seen some pretty elaborate and fabulous balloon arches that are fun and set the “party” factor for the wedding. So if it fits your couples style, go for it! Now on to arches, YES PLEASE! I love flower arches and I think they are timeless and stunning. There are so many ways that you can set up a floral arch. It can be modern, classic or even funky in the way your florist styles it.

5: Foregoing the Favor

I’m kind of not surprised about this one. For my wedding (15 years ago) I didn’t have wedding favors and I never had anyone tell me that they were disappointed I didn’t have them. Couples are putting more time and money into the actual wedding day experience for their guests rather than a gift that they might not want anyway or even appreciate. If you are having a small destination wedding welcome baskets are taking on a big trend right now.

6: Unexpected Entertainment

I have photographed 100’s of weddings where the focus of the entertainment has been the dancing and perhaps “The shoe game”. But now days bride and grooms are branching out and adding additional entertainment or unique ideas to keep their guests busy during family photos. I’ve seen people have yard games, I’ve seen photo booths, painters that will paint a photo of yourself for you to take home. However, everyone loves to cut a rug at a reception, so DJ’s and live music aren’t going anywhere!

7: First looks beyond your partner and wedding parties reimagined.

I have photographed lots of first looks and they are some of my favorite shots of the day. But I have noticed a handful of bride and grooms inviting their parents to observe from a distance their first look. The first look is still an intimate moment, but having your parents witness it can be something really special! Bride and grooms are also shaking up the idea of a traditional wedding party. For example, at my sisters wedding she only had family walk down the isle. So it was parents and siblings that was her “wedding party”. Non of us girls had on matching dresses and not even the same color. We all look beautiful, if I say so myself, and we coordinated, but we weren’t “matching” by any means. Some bride and grooms are choosing to have no bridesmaids or groomsmen. This idea I totally understand, its less pressure to pick your wedding party and no hurt feelings because you had to cut out cousin from your bridesmaids list.

8: Signature eats and experimental dining

Seeing a signature cocktail at a wedding is common, but now days they are adding a signature dinner to that list as well. I’ve also seen a trend with lots of heavy appetizers as dinner rather than a plated seated dinner. I recently photographed a wedding in Charleston where they had food stations set in various locations of their reception, it was a twist on a buffet style yet it was arraigned in a way that cut down on the long food line and the food was AMAZING!

9: Passed bites, hand-painted cakes and inventive flavors

Who doesn’t like wedding cake? Not going to lie, it’s the highlight of the reception for me as an Augusta, GA wedding photographer. I’ve probably eaten more wedding cake than I care to admit. And believe me, some were taster than others. I’ve seen a trend of couple having a very small cake, one they basically cut for photos. But then have a variety of desserts for their guests to enjoy. I’ve seen things from cupcakes, dessert shooters, cake pops, rice crispy treats, etc. Almost everyone loves sweets, so why not give them a variety instead of the same old boring vanilla wedding cake?

10: Nontraditional venus

This is something I saw often happening when I lived in the PNW. But as a Charleston wedding photographer I get to photograph wedding at some of the most gorgeous wedding venues I’ve ever seen. So although this trend might take off in a less traditional part of the country, such as the midwest or the PNW it’s still a wonderful idea for bride and grooms that are looking to step out of the box.

11: Single stem bouquets and Baby’s breath revival

I am obsessed with flowers and to me wedding flowers should be high priority on a brides list of things to invest in on their wedding day. I love anything from a huge traditional rose bouquet to a large one stem floral bouquet. Or even a leaving flowers out all together and making it more of a greenery bouquet rather than having traditional flowers.

12: Its all about the sleeve

We can thank Kate Middleton for giving this tradition a comeback. Her wedding dress is still one of my favorites. But sleeves can also take on a very modern look, such as Meghan Markle wedding dress. Or bell sleeves, jump suits and capes such as the dress that Kaley Cuoco wore at her wedding are all a huge trend right now for the more organic boho yet modern.

So what do you think of these 2018 wedding trends? Which ones are you excited to see and which ones don’t you like?

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