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7 tips for better getting ready photos

As you know from a recent blog post of mine that I love getting ready photos and strong suggest my bride and grooms incorporate them into their wedding photography timeline. If you choose us as your Columbia wedding photographers I will make sure that you love and cherish each of those images. So now that you have decided to make time for getting ready photos here is a list of things to help make those photos great!

1: Discuss in advance with your Augusta, GA photographer what you like.

If there are ideas you’ve liked on Pinterest or if you have a list of must have shots while getting dressed, share those ideas with your Columbia photographer prior to the morning of the wedding. This way your Greenville photographers will have time to write out timeline in advance and allow for extra time if you and your bridesmaids are running behind the morning of your wedding. Show your Augusta wedding photographer what kind of “look” you like and what poses you like or don’t like. Be open and honest with your Charlotte wedding photographers about your expectations and listen to their suggestions, this will make the timeline run smoothly and not waste valuable time.

2: Pick a well light room.

Lighting and overall the “feel” of the space can make for more appealing photos. From a Augusta wedding photographers professional opinion it is very helpful if the room is full of natural light. Now if you hire the best rated Columbia wedding photographers they will be prepared for no matter what the lighting situation is in the room. However, it does make things easier for us and more beautiful if the room is filled with lots of natural light. So if you are getting ready in a private home or venue space try to pick a room that has plenty of good lighting. Believe me your Greenville wedding photographer will appreciate this!

3: Keep the room clean and clutter free.

Having a clutter free room is key to me as your Charlotte photographer. I often try to find a corner that all your bridesmaids can keep their stuff in, I call this the “junk corner”. That way things can be clean and orderly for when you put your dress on and finishing touches. There is often piles of clothes and shoes strung throughout the room, cosmetics bags and hair accessories on the tables or a dirty mirror. If any of these items show up in the background of the photo it can really take away from the image and even make it hard to edit those items out of the photos. So explain to your bridesmaids how important to you it is for the room to remain clean and clutter free. If everyone tries to be diligent about cleaning up after themselves you can avoid it from creeping into your getting ready shots.

4: Neatly place and arrange all the items you will need in one area.

By having an area to keep all your stuff in will not only save you time and frustration it will also end up as beautiful details in your wedding photos. And your Columbia wedding photographers will appreciate having all your details in one area so they can quickly and easily photograph them. And then safely place them back to the area that you have designated to keep them until you are ready to get dressed. Consider buying a customized handcrafted hanger for your wedding dress, believe me it looks so much prettier in wedding photos than a plain clear plastic hanger.

5: Think about what you will wear while you are getting ready.

Prior to you putting on your wedding dress your photographer will be taking photos of you having your hair and makeup done, so think about what you will be wearing during those photos. A big part of this is for the “pretty” side of the photography, but also think about how easy it will be to take off what you are wearing and the transition of putting your wedding dress. Avoid wearing anything that has to go over your head because it could ruin your hair and makeup up. So look into buying a beautiful robe or even button down PJ’s in your favorite color. You could even have them monogramed with your new initials on them! Make it extra special by matching your getting ready attire along with your bridesmaids, for a coordinated and cohesive look.

6: Have a well written out timeline

When you have an extensive written out timeline this really helps everyone stay on time and keeps things organized. One thing that us Augusta, GA wedding photographers run into is that of running behind time at a wedding and we have noticed that usually the timeline gets behind at the beginning of the day and especially if there is not a well planned out timeline. Hair and makeup take longer than one might expect and especially if you are having several bridesmaids in your wedding party. So make sure that each of bridesmaids have copy of the timeline and that they know when their hair and makeup starts so they can make sure to not throw off the whole timeline.

7: Relax and enjoy the morning of your wedding.

Although you will be the star of the show and the photographers will be focusing on you that day, try not to over think and enjoy the day. Just be yourself and savor every moment, the day goes by so fast so take a deep breath and relax. Have trust your Greenville wedding photographer, your wedding planner and venue director to take care of everything else. If you chose the best rated Columbia wedding photographers your getting ready photos are going to turn out beautiful!

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