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How to be prepared for your senior pictures! Charlotte senior photographer Nina Bashaw

For a lot of soon to be graduates, taking senior pictures is one of the exciting things about senior year! And yet for others (mostly boys), its something they dread and only do it because their moms are forcing them too. However, I am here to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera, be yourself and most of have a blast during your senior portrait session. I will be there every step of the way from choosing outfits to wear, ideas for hair and makeup, and I will guide you effortlessly through the posing process to find the poses that best suits your personality. Being prepared for your senior pictures is vital for having a successful outcome. So here are few tips to consider when booking your senior photoshoot with me as your Charlotte photographer!

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There are many different looks to choose from for senior session, so many great parks and locations in the Columbia area to choose from. Think about how you would like the end result of your photos to look and feel. Do you like trees, fields, rustic look, or downtown / urban vibe with bridges and alleys along with some cool architecture? No matter what appeals to you we can pick out a location that fits your personality!


Some of my clients love props so if you are one of those people make sure to bring them to your photoshoot! If you play instruments, sports, if you're on the dance team or if you’re a cheerleader feel free to bring that gear and incorporate into some of your outfit changes!

I want you to stay true to your personal style but don’t be afraid to throw in a fun piece of clothing. For example bright fun shoe, or a beautiful textured scarf. Personally I love color, so feel free to get creative with your outfit choices and bring lots of options. Some of my senior girls also bring their prom dress for the shoot, its a fun way to dress up the shoot! Considering bringing different shirts, shoes, and accessories but pairing them with the same pants. This is a quick way to change the feel of the outfit but not having to take too much time switching outfits. During your senior pictures with me I don’t limit how many outfit changes you can do. I generally say bring a minimum of 2 max 4. This allows us time to shoot you in every outfit and in a variety of poses. Be prepared to on change quickly and possibly in the back seat of your car as some parks do not have public restrooms. So make sure to bring something that you can cover your windows with when changing outfits. Make sure you’re comfortable in your clothing and that you feel beautiful in (or handsome). Look at the outfit in a full length minor to make sure you love it and that it flatters your figure, skin tone, and that everything fits properly. Above all make sure that your outfit choices are a reflection of you and your personality and that you feel good wearing it!


Consider having your hair and makeup done by a professional. They will know how to do your makeup in a natural way that will look great on camera. Makeup artists will know how to perfectly match your skin tone and will the professional products to make you look amazing. Even if you don’t normally wear makeup or wear very little, a professional makeup artist will make you look flawless and natural at the same time. If you have inspiration photos of what you want your makeup to look like show them so they can see what you like and what you don’t like. ( bring your lip color for touch-ups if needed )


Have you hair in a style that will look good and coordinate with all your outfit changes. And if you want to pull it up for any of the photos make sure to bring all of those items with to the photoshoot. ( hair spray, clips, pins, brush, mirror and whatever else is needed to keep your hair up if you choose to do so )

I can't stress this point enough, please come with clean nails!! If you paint your nails make sure they are done properly and do not have any chips in the polish. Dirty or chipped nail paint will show in the photos and will be very distracting.

Please make sure you wear the proper undergarment for each outfit and that won’t show through your clothing. If you need a strapless bra please bring one to your session! Tucking or moving straps does not work because they are constantly shifting and falling, this can be very distracting in photos. Wearing nude undergarments is best because it doesn’t show through the clothes.

All glass lenses have a glare and give off a flare in the photos. Or can make it look as if your eyes are closed when in fact its just the glare from the glass. So if you have a pair of contact lenses its advised to wear those the day of the shoot. If you do not have contact lenses then be prepared take the glasses off in the shots so we can see your beautiful eyes!

Nina Bashaw photography charlotte senior photographer | How to prepare for your senior photos | What to wear for you senior portraits | Columbia, SC senior photographer

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