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Why use the same photographer for your engagement photos and wedding photography?

If you are newly engaged and searching for your Greenville wedding photographer you might be wondering why does it matter if I choose a different photographer for my wedding than who took our engagement photos? The short answer is yes, but I'll do some further explaining as to why this is an important detail to consider when planning your Augusta, GA wedding!

You might have not thought about this but, using your friend that has a nice camera for your engagement session and or a different photographer might leave you frustrated or disappointed. One plus for using the same Charlotte photographer for both your engagement session and wedding day is that this will ensure that your wedding day images will be amazing! This is largely due because of the trust, comfort, and friendship that you built with your photographer during your engagement session.

Here are three reasons why this is something that should be high on your priority list when choosing your Columbia, SC wedding photographers.

1. Getting to know your wedding photographer!

The engagement session is a great way to spend some time with your photographer before the wedding day and have a little preview on how you’re wedding photography will go on the day of your wedding. Having a strong relationship with your photographer will help you become more comfortable with each other and build a strong trust with them thus being prepared and comfortable with each other on the actual wedding day.

If you were to have your engagement photos taken by a friend or another photographer who isn’t your wedding photographer, you more than likely won’t feel as comfortable on your wedding day. After all your wedding photographer will be around you for the whole wedding day, so a good solid working relationship between you is very important.

2. Knowing what to expect on your wedding day!

During your engagement session your photographer gets to see how you and your fiancé interact with each other, and can take time to pose you naturally and in a flattering and romantic way. It’s my goal to make you feel your most comfortable and natural, capture your genuine personalities, and learn what is most flattering for both of you. By learning these things during your engagement session, there no guesswork to be done on the wedding day.

Every photographer works differently, so if you don’t use the photographer for your wedding day it’s highly possible you won’t feel as familiar or comfortable if you had the same photographer for both. If you aren’t familiar with your photographers style of direction and posing, it can be stressful. Some photographers may give little to no direction and some might be to invasive. Knowing what to expect on your wedding will help you feel more comfortable and relaxed.

3. Your photos will be cohesive!

By using the same Augusta, GA photographer for your engagement and wedding day photos this will ensure that your collection of photos will have a clean and cohesive look.

Some photographers edit their photos in a very moody or dark style. While someone like myself has more of a film inspired, clean, light, and airy edit. Also take into consideration how the photographer shoots and crops the images. Some photographers like tightly shot photos, while others like using a wide angle lens to capture the location as well.

Also think about when you get your photos back and you display them in your home, you want them to have the same aesthetic and complement each other. All of these tips are great reasons to use the same photographer for your engagement and wedding photos!

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