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Hallie | Columbia, SC boudoir session

Did you know that I LOVE shooting boudoir? The focus with my business has always been weddings and seniors but I do really enjoy shooting fashion inspired boudoir sessions. So when my favorite makeup artist Tamekia Geer had an idea to do a bridal inspired boudoir session I couldn't jump on that fast enough. Often I hear people say that they are hesitant about doing boudoir because they are not comfortable being naked in front of the camera. Well I am hear to tell you that you don't have to be naked to do a boudoir session. You can still feel sexy and empowered in front of that camera while covered and clothed. Here is an example of a boudoir session that shows you can have a variety of poses and images for boudoir session. Yes, you can wear next to nothing in a few shots, but you can also be fully covered and it still be considered boudoir. I love boudoir when it's classy and leaves a little to the imagination, here are just a few of my favorites from Hallie's session.

Hair and Make up : Tamekia Geer ( )

Floral Crown and Bouquet : Valerie Bennett ( )

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