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6 ways to show support to photographers

As I have stated in the past couple blog post, photographers ( along with other Tampa wedding vendors and small businesses in the St Petersburg / Sarasota areas ) have been hit really hard this past month due to the Coronavirus. We will get through this and we will rebuild our businesses but in the meantime how can we show love and support to fellow photographers and wedding vendors? Here are 6 ways you can help with spending little to no money!

1: Engage with their content on social media! A genuine and nice comment goes a long way and we GREATLY appreciate it!

2: Visit their website and read through some of their blog posts. You can even leave a comment on their blogs telling them how much you love their work!

3: Order a canvas, album, or prints from a photographer you have worked with before.

4: Refer a family member, friend or acquaintance to your favorite photographer.

5: Book a session with your photographer for a date in the future.

6: Write kind, helpful and genuine reviews for them on Google, Facebook, The Knot, etc. A nice review is a small but very effective way to help show support as well as help them grow their businesses!

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