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How many wedding invitations should you order?

How many wedding invitations should you order?

I’m writing another helpful wedding planning blog post today. We are going to continue our series with wedding invitations. How many wedding invitations should you order? It might seem like an obvious answer but there are a few things to factor into before placing that order and here are four reasons why.


Even though you might be inviting 150 guests you will not to to order that many invitations. You need to think households and not individually. So if you’re inviting an entire family to your wedding then one invitation will be enough. However the only exception to this rule is if you have multiple families living in the same house. For example if you have friends who’s grown parents live with them then it would be wise to send an invitation to the adult parents and adult children so there is no confusion as to who is invited and who is not. Especially if they have different last names, such as parents living with their daughter and her husband. Keep in mind that if you are having an adult only wedding be sure to only address the invitation to the parents and then adult “kids” would get their own invitation as well. For example if they have a child in collage and you’re inviting them, then they would get their own invitation.


You only walk away from your wedding with a few tangle items. Your wedding dress, veil, photos etc, So why not keep your wedding invitation suite to add to the list. They were a big part of your wedding planning process and should be kept as a reminder of that perfect day!


Obviously as a Tampa wedding photographer I am going to say to have a couple of invitations set aside for me to photograph with all your details. As you know I love photographing details and your wedding invitation suite plays a huge part in your shot list. Make sure to have the whole suite saved, that means the invitation, reception card, RSVP card, accommodations, and directions. Also don’t forget the envelopes for the invitation and the envelope for the RSVP. They both play a huge part in styling your flatlay for your wedding photos.


A few instances that you might need a few back ups for are if a few get lost in the mail or if you have ‘backup” guests you might decide to end up inviting. Things can quickly change when planning a wedding so it’s better to plan for it rather than be put in the bind of having call them to invite them to the wedding. So I say plan for 20 - 30 extra invitations to avoid any mixups.

Nina Bashaw is a Tampa, Florida based fine art luxury photographer that specializes in senior portraits, headshots, weddings, and destination elopements throughout the southeast and is available for worldwide travel.


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