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My 2019 highlights

I can't believe yet another year has come and gone. I guess it true, the older you get the faster time goes by. 2019 seem to just seemed to fly by! It was a great year filled with some amazing adventures and yet another move to a different state, this time to Tampa, Florida. Sense it was such a great year I thought I'd share a few of my favorite memories from 2019!


We got to travel to some amazing places this year. At top of that list was Europe! My husband and I went to Portugal this past summer and it was a trip of a lifetime! We few into Lisbon and then rented a car and stayed 7 night in Sintra at an amazing bed and breakfast, The Biester Charm House. Amazing isn't even a strong enough word for how much we loved staying there. The staff was kind, helpful, spoke perfect English, and fulfilled every possible need you could think of. The breakfast every morning was filled with fresh fruit, and handmade danishes and baked goods. The room was clean spacious! I loved the location because we could walk to the village and then take a little tuk tuk back. We loved our stay there and can't wait to go back! One of my favorite things about this trip was we got to spend a portion of this time with my sister and her husband. We drove up to the Douro Valley and rented an VRBO overlooking the valley. It was AMAZING!!! If you're considering planning a trip to Portugal but aren't sure where to start or where to stay shoot me over an email, I'm happy to share with you what we did and what I would suggest. Here are just a few images from our trip. 

We also went back to Washingtons state for a visit. As many of you know we use to live in Olympia, WA and so it was really nice to go back and visit and see all of our friends that we haven't seen in a few years. It's such a beautiful part of the USA and at times I really miss living there!

And we moved, again. This time it was an unexpected move and a very quick transition. We moved to Tampa, Florida because of my husbands job. Although it wasn't a planned move we are enjoying our new home. It hasn't been as huge of change like when we moved to Columbia, SC from Olympia, WA but it has had its challenges. Our house is still for sale back in Blythewood and until it sells we are in a tiny 800 square foot apartment. It's a lovely apartment but it's been quite a change from going to a 2,300 square foot home to a shoe box with very little storage. But we are managing and I am very thankful to have a home, as I realize that so many people throughout the world do not have a home. I am extremely great full for the life that I live! If you know of anyone looking to buy a house in the Columbia, SC area check out our house here in this link


I have LOTS of favorites from weddings and portraits that I shot this year. I shot weddings all throughout the states of South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia. I took part in some stunning styled shoots and even planned a few myself. I had the privilege of shooting several young professionals headshots, I LOVE shooting portraits!

A huge thank you to all my clients, wedding vendors, and other photographers whom I second shot for throughout the year. I am so thankful that this is what I get to do for a living!

Here are just a few small number of the highlights from some of my favorite photoshoots and weddings from this past year. Click on the image to see more photos from that photoshoot or wedding!

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