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Salina and Dawid couples photos at Fort De Soto Park St Pete, Florida

One of the good things have to come out of this quarantine is its given me the chance (and no excuses) to catch up on blogging. Today I’m sharing a set of stunning images from a shoot I did a few months back at Fort De Soto park in St Petersburg, FL. Salina and Dawid are a beautiful multicultural couple, she is Cambodian and Dawid is from Poland. I ADORE working with ALL ethnicities, cultures, nationalities, shapes and sizes. My heart skipped a beat when I realized I was going to get an opportunity to work with Salina and Dawid. Not only are they an outwardly gorgeous couple, but their love, playful personalities, and chemistry really shined in each photo. They took direction and posing so effortlessly it made my job as their Tampa photographer even more fun. I can't wait to get another chance to work with them but in the meantime here are some of my favorite shots from the day!

A big thank you to the following vendors that made this shoot such a blast and a wonderful success!

Hair and Make up - Dare 2 Dream Salon

Dress - Lulus

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