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5 Things to bring to your engagement session

Five things to bring your engagement shoot!

It's officially engagement season for wedding photographers which means if you are planning an upcoming wedding here in the Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg, Florida areas you're either searching for a photographer or have an engagement session booked and looking for some advice on how to prepare for your upcoming shoot.

This is one of the the most popular questions I’m asked by my bride and grooms so I wanted to write a short blog post sharing some of my favorite props to bring your shoot. Afterall, engagement photos are a great way to show off such an exciting and fun time of your life so I think bringing a few props to show off your couples style is a wonderful and fun idea!


I encourage my clients to bring a few outfit changes because it add variety to the photos. That way you'll have plenty to choose from when printing them for wall art, displaying them at your engagement party, and for your save the dates. Most of all bring clothes that are clean, ironed, and that you feel pretty and confident in.

Ideas for what props to bring to your engagement
What props to bring to your engagement shoot


This is something that seem obvious but sometimes is easy to forget. So make sure you have a brush, your lip color and maybe a blotting paper for your face. With the heat here in the Sarasota, Florida having oil absorbing papers to blot out sweat and heat is a lifesaver!

Should I bring props to my engagement session? Nina Bashaw Photography
Should I bring props to my engagement session?


You're celebrating your official engagement, so bring two glasses and a bottle of your favorite champagne, wine or beverage and celebrate your upcoming wedding. You can get photos of you opening the bottle and pretty shots of you holding the glasses in your hands! If you don't drink alcohol then coffee or tea would be a cute alternative.

Bring Champagne to your engagement portrait
Bring champagne to your engagement portraits


Ring boxes are a unique and beautiful way to show off that bling! It also makes for a beautiful detail shot that adds a little more personality than just setting it on top of some flowers. If you don't have one but like the idea of adding as a prop let me know and I can bring one from my personal wedding details bag.

Yellow velvet ring box photographed by Tampa wedding photographer Nina Bashaw
Five props to bring to your engagement session


I am a huge dog lover so of course I'm going to say bring your dog along! I think engagement photos with pets are the cutest! Make sure to bring their leash, some treats, and water. I do suggest that they get a some exercise before the shoot so they aren't too wound up for the photos. You can even hire pet services such as Furry Ventures Pet Care to help with your beloved dog during the shoot. Just make sure that wherever you're having your photos taken at is pet friendly.

Why bring your dog to your engagement session?
Bring your dog to your engagement session

If you or someone you know that is recently engaged and planning an elopement or micro wedding in the Tampa Bay, St. Pete, Clearwater, or Sarasota area and is looking for a fine art luxury photographer feel free to reach out to me about my pricing and availability. I would be thrilled to be your photographer!


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