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About Me ; part 1

Since I am very new to the Tampa / St Petersburg area I thought I would write a post introducing myself to everyone. My husband and I recently moved here from Columbia, SC and so far we are adjusting really well. I wanted to write a post telling everyone a little about myself and my business.


When I'm not working I love to exercise, cook with my husband, go wine tasting, travel, spend time with my sisters, and cuddle with my three spoiled dogs. 

If I wasn't a photographer I would be doing something creative. I would be an interior designer or maybe even an nail artist, I'm kind of obsessed with nail polish. Either way I would be doing something that gives me the chance to create something unique and beautiful. 

I love all these pretty and feminine, which means I'm a shoe lover and a nail polish hoarder. 

I am completely and totally obsessed with plants. It's a new hobby of mine, but I have fallen in love with any variety of succulents! I think they are the coolest plants. Now that we live in Tampa I am trying to figure out what grows well here, so far it seems like almost anything will thrive in this environment.  

I am a foodie and wine lover! My life is very much dictated by food, it's what motivates my life and what a lot of daily decisions revolve around. Some of my favorite foods include beef tartare, sea food, and I love a good salad! I'm not a huge dessert person, not because I don't love it but because I try to limit the amount of sugar and dairy I eat. But you put a small dish of créme brûlée in front of me I will devour it. I also call myself a half vegan because I try really hard not to eat dairy but I can throw down on some steak. 

I love music! I am a huge believer that music is deeply connected with our emotions. Sometimes my husband and I will turn off the TV and play name that tune. I've also been known to search on YouTube for "undiscovered artists". I am always amazed on how talented people are! 

I am horrible at spelling. I have to ask Siri on a regular basis how to spell things. Believe it or not English is my first language, turns out I just suck at speaking it. I constantly get grammar wrong on blog posts and have to go re-write them. Thank goodness for spell checker otherwise my blog posts would make no sense. 

My husband and I have been married for 16 years and have made the choice not to have children. We adore kids and have a lot of friends with children but for our lifestyle we have made the decision that we don't want to be parents. I have often been asked "do you worry that once you get older and perhaps 'too old' to have children that you will regret that decision"? I can honestly say that at almost 40 years old I do not regret making the conscience choice not to bring a child into our lives. I think kids are wonderful gift from god but they aren't for me.

I love my husband and he is truly my best friend. No one can make me so annoyed and frustrated as he can, but no one can make me laugh like he does. Our marriage isn't perfect but I really believe he is the perfect man for me. He is an incredibly hard worker, kind, and hilarious. I am a very lucky girl to have such a supportive and loving husband by my side.

Dog lover!! As you might be able to tell from my Instagram I love my dogs. I have a 10 year old Maltipoo, Valentina. And a 2 year old Maltese, Finn. They are horrible and I love them. My husband rolls his eye at me on a regular basis when I pick them up and tell them "you are the most wonderful dog in the whole world". LOL

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