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How you can support small businesses effected by COVID-19

How COVID-19 has effected small businesses.

I think it’s safe to say that everyone is concerned about whats going on in the world right now with the coronavirus crisis. There is no way around it because it’s effecting all of us personally and making a huge impact on many peoples lively hoods. Many people that own small business or work for a small business have either had their jobs suspended until further notice or if they own a small business many of their clients have canceled their appointments or postponed their weddings.

Many of us who are in the wedding industry make the majority of our money during the spring of the year so this is a very scary time for us. I thinks it’s fair to say that small businesses as a whole are concerned that this crisis might mean the end of their businesses. However, we have a huge support system from other businesses, wedding vendors, clients, friends, family, and the community. If you look on Instagram and Facebook you will see proof of overwhelming support of each other. So many of us are trying to show love to each other by sharing each others social media accounts and posts.


My heart goes out to the families that depend on their small business to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads. Many of us have no income coming in for the next few months, income that we rely on to pay our bills! I feel for the bride and grooms that have had to postpone their weddings that they have been planning and anxiously awaiting for months. My level of anxiety goes up when I think of those that are under the travel ban laws, my sister and her husband included. They are currently in Peru and can't come back until that travel ban is lifted. It could be weeks before they are safely back home. And above all I sympathize with those that are battling this virus or have family members that are. I can’t even imagine the anxiety and uncertainty that you must be feeling!

Until this passes how can we help support each other? Here are 6 simple and effective ways to show support to your community and small businesses!

1: Write a positive review on Google and Facebook for a company you have worked with before.

2: Share their social media accounts.

3: Buy gift cards.

4: Consider a donation.

5: Stay home if you’re sick! (even after the quarantine period is lifted)

6: WASH YOUR HAND REGULARLY! (this should be a no brainer)

How COVID 19 is effecting small businesses and what you can do to show support!
How COVID 19 is effecting small businesses


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