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Kara Sundar lifestyle headshots

I have another natural light headshot session to share with you! As you can tell I LOVE shooting personal branding and lifestyle sessions, it's one of the types of photography I specialize in. So today I am sharing some photos from Kara's lifestyle headshot session I took a few months back here in Tampa at Armature Works. Kara began her career in change management as an end user. As a Chief of Staff to an executive, she felt firsthand the result of poorly managed change which resulted in confusion, frustration, and loss of return on investment (ROI). From that experience, she devoted her career to helping others adapt to a changing world and embrace new technology rather than fear it! Kara loves speaking to individuals, small groups, and conference attendees about change, Kara's particular passions focusing on personal resilience, team dynamics, building cultural agility, and delivering value on projects.

Land O Lakes, Florida headshot photographer
Land O Lakes, Florida headshot photographer

Lutz, Florida natural light headshot photographer
Lutz, Florida headshot photographer Nina Bashaw

Kara Sundar lifestyle headshots
Wesley Chapel, Florida headshot photographer

Natural light lifestyle photographer in Sarasota
Sarasota headshot photographer

Kara Sundar natural light headshots taken by Nina Bashaw Photography
St Pete headshot photographer Nina Bashaw

Tampa headshot photographer Nina Bashaw
Lifestyle headshots for motivational speakers

Tampa lifestyle headshots for Kara Sundar
Tampa lifestyle headshot photographer

Lifestyle headshot photographer Nina Bashaw
Lakeland natural light headshot photographer

Plant City headshot photographer
Plant City, Florida headshot photographer

Land O Lakes, Florida headshot photographer
Land O Lakes, Florida photographer

Kara Sundar lifestyle headshots
Lutz headshot photographer

Wesley Chapel headshot photographer Nina Bashaw
Wesley Chapel headshot photographer

Headshots of Kara Sundar
Sarasota lifestyle headshot photographer

Natural light headshots for Kara Sundar
St. Petersburg lifestyle headshot photographer

Lifestyle headshots for Kara Sundar
Tampa headshot photographer

And as always, thank you so much for stopping by my website and reading this blog post! If you or someone you know owns a small business here in the Wesley Chapel, Lutz, Land O Lakes, or Lakeland areas and is looking for a personal branding or lifestyle headshot photographer feel free to reach out to me about mypricing and availability. I would be thrilled to be your photographer! For more information click on the links below!


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