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Prop ideas for your personal branding session

Prop ideas for your personal branding headshots

We’ve discussed in the last few blog posts about why you need personal branding photos and how to prepare for your lifestyle headshot session. Today we are going to talk about using props in your headshots and how to display them in your upcoming portrait session!

Props are not only fun but they also help tell your story and add a little extra punch to your headshots. I personally like to combine props but in a simple and non cluttered arrangement. You want them to enhance your photos not dominate them. Here are some tips, tricks, and ideas when it comes to adding props for your business branding photoshoot with me here in the Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Sarasota!


1: your favorite coffee and mug

2: wine or favorite cocktail

3: muffin or favorite dessert

4: knives, cutting board, or stand mixer (if you’re a baker or chef)


1: phone

2: laptop

3: notebook and pens (cute ones of course)

4: planner or calendar

5: iPad

6: items you sell


1: fresh flowers or plants

2: your beloved pet

3: candles

4: shopping bags ( if your a fashion blogger or stylist )

5: passport and luggage (if you’re a travel blogger )

6: camera, lenses, fine art albums ( for photographers )

7: yoga mat, kettle ball, exercise ball ( if you’re a personal trainer )

8: wedding magazines, confetti, champagne ( if you’re an event and wedding planner )

9: paint samples, pillow covers, decorative items ( if you’re an interior designer )

When using props in your session you can have them sitting around you, in the background or you hold them for some lifestyle and working photos. Remember to take into consideration what your brand and business is when choosing the props! Make sure that whatever you feature in your photos that they would easily and effortlessly fit with in your brand and the service you are selling.

Nina Bashaw is a Clearwater Beach, Florida based fine art luxury photographer that specializes in senior portraits, personal branding, weddings, micro weddings, and elopements throughout the southeast and is available for worldwide travel.

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