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We got a puppy!

Ahhh I'm so excited to share these photos of the newest addition to our family. Meet Cordelia Evanna Bashaw an F1 standard Irish Doodle (Irish Setter and Poodle). And yes, I gave my dog a middle name. haha We are totally and complelty obsessed with her. I've wanted a bigger dog for awhile now and did a lot of research on what kind of dog to get. I wanted a hypoalergenic (or mostly non sheding) and I knew that Golden Doodles are all the rage right now but I came across the Irish Doodle bread and my mind was made up, that's what I wanted. I got very lucky to find a professional and reputable breeder close to Tampa, Florida where we live and she was currently pregnant with a litter when I reached out to them about available puppies. We went and picked out our little bundle of fur at 2 weeks old, she was so tiny!! I could hardly wait to bring her home. She is now finally home and adjusting to life just fine. We like to think she's the best dog in the world. She will likely weight anywhere between 50-65 pounds once she is full grown. She will shed very minimally, her fur is so soft!! Her favorite game is tug of war, she loves running through the sprinklers, and is always down for a good snuggle session. Can you tell I love her?!?

Here are a few photos of the most beautiful Irish doodle you've ever seen! I now can all myself a "doodle mom" which means I need a t-shirt that says that. Not going to lie, I would totally get another one from the same breeder if I could only talk my husband into getting another dog. LOL!

Tampa pet photographer Nina Bashaw shares photos of her F1 Irish Doodle
Cordelia the Irish Doodle

Nina Bashaw Photography
Tampa portrait photographer

F1 Standard Irish Doodle
F1 Standard Irish Doodle


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