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Why it shouldn't matter if your photographer has never shot a wedding at your venue before!

I love helping brides make the wedding planning process easier and especially when it comes to any photography related topics. So today I'm writing a blog post to help brides understand why it shouldn't be a huge deciding factor when choosing their St Pete wedding photographer if the photographer has never shot a wedding at that venue before.

I have seen in some wedding planning blogs "top 10 questions to ask your wedding photographer" and usually they are super helpful and great questions to ask you photographer. However, I've seen a few times where they suggest asking the photographer you are considering hiring if they've ever shot a wedding at your venue before. I do not understand why they feel like this is a relevant question or why it should be a deal breaker if they haven't ever shot at your venue before . I think every photographer has probably encountered this issue before “We love your work but we have decided to go with another photographer because they have shot at our venue before.”

For one reason or another, bride and grooms have been given the impression that if their photographer has shot at a venue before that somehow makes them more “qualified”. And because of this misinformation some bride and grooms will not choose their top choice photographer simply because that photographer hasn’t shot a wedding at their venue. Here are 4 reasons why it should not persuade you not to hire the photographer of your dreams just because they haven't shot at your wedding venue before.


If a photographer has never shot at your venue before they will doing lots of online research of the venue and do a walk through of the space to familiarize themselves with the grounds in preparation for your upcoming wedding. I personally have done this several times! I do my venue walk throughs about a week before the wedding and at the same time of the ceremony so I can see where the light will be hitting during that time. I walk around and see where I can find little spots with great lighting for portraits.


Also consider this, many destination wedding photographers don’t shoot at the same venues over and over, if ever again. They are often in once city one weekend and in a different area the next. A great and professional photographer will know how to shoot and create beautiful images no matter where the wedding is. Or if you’re planning a destination wedding and having a photographer fly in for your wedding more thank likely they probably haven’t ever shot at that resort or private residence before. However, they will be arriving a couple days early to get a “lay of the land” and see where the ceremony will be, reception and where all the best areas are for your portraits. A good and professional photographer will be prepared for any and all lighting situations no matter if they have shot at your wedding venue before or not.


If you’re in a large city such as the Tampa, St Pete and Sarasota areas there are a TON of wedding venues to choose from which means as a wedding photographer it is not uncommon to either have never shot at venue before because there are so many different venues or only shoot there once! Or in some parts of the country its very popular for brides to have their wedding on family property rather than a venue. In all situations I as your photographer, will deliver you beautiful photos that you will love and cherish for years to come.


If you’re making the decision on which photographer to hire solely based on if they have shot at your venue before, you could be making a huge mistake thus losing out on both stunning images and an incredible experience with a professional photographer. Your decision on who to hire to shoot your wedding should be influenced by if you love their work and if its consistent no matter what venue or location the wedding is at.

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