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You're engaged, now what?

It’s officially engagement season so congrats to all the newly engaged couples! This means you’re probably knee deep in wedding planning. Here are a few tips for those that are starting out in planning their upcoming nuptials.

- Prioritize what’s most important to you. Sit down and make a list of deal breakers and what your are willing to compromise. Decide together (yes grooms you do get an opinion) what you really want at your wedding. For example, do you want the following: Plated sit down dinner or buffet? An amazing photographer? (hint hint) An elaborate cake table? Lots of flowers? DJ or band? Prioritize together what each of you want on your wedding day!

- Don’t put off booking your planner, venue and of course you photographer! It’s not uncommon for these three vendors to book out more than a year in advance. So once you have your date set start reaching out to those three. Your planner will take on the roll of making sure everything else falls into place.

- Do your research on your photographer and don’t solely base your decision off pricing. Having a good connection is incredibly important with your wedding photographer because they will be with you all day long! Have the mindset that your wedding photography is an investment, these are memories you can’t get back. I often hear bride and grooms express they aren’t sure what to budget for their photographer and its not uncommon for it to be a low estimate in what they think it will cost. The average cost of a phenomenal and professional photographer in the central Florida area is about $3500- $5000. When you invest professional with years of experience you won’t have to worry “are they going to capture everything I want?” Believe me you’ll be happy that you invested in a seasoned, professional photographer and that you will love your wedding photos!

- Interview your photographer! This goes back to making sure you have a good connection with your photographer and that your personalities mesh well together. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, that what consultations are for. Not sure what to ask? Well I have another blog post for you to read, two actually.

- Last but not least, CELEBRATE! This is such a fun and exciting time in your life but it goes by so very quickly. Treasure each little moment and enjoy it every step of the way.

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