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About me; part 2

Oh hey, it's me again! I am trying to show more of my face lately on my blog and my social media. I've read several studies that have shown that people are more willing to take you serious and trust you when you show them a little bit of your life outside of work. So as challenging as this is for me I'm going to share more personal stuff to my clients and followers. I dread sharing photos of myself, its one of those prime examples of "those who can't do teach" kind of thing. I am extremely self conscience in front of the camera and will hide from it at all costs. I would much prefer to be behind the camera rather than the subject. But I took the leap, stepped out of my comfort zone, and shared a little about myself and my personal favorite things in part one of this blog post series. But today I am going to share a little about my business from a personal standpoint.


I have been professionally shooting portraits and weddings for almost 9 years. I specialize in senior portraits, headshots, engagement, and weddings. I learned early on in my career that I didn't want to be a newborn photographer, that junk is hard! Because I don't shoot babies and children I don't photograph many families. My passion is with single portraits and couples, its what I love!

I'm a Nikon girl and have been sense the very beginning of my photography journey, well professional photography journey. Growing up I shot film and always had a camera with me. But when I started taking photography seriously I made the choice to shoot with Nikon, it made the most since to me from a technical standpoint. I felt like it was an easier system to learn. I have a large variety of lenses, I don't have a favorite because it depends on what I am shooting. If I'm shooting senior portraits or headshots I tend to use my 85 or my 70-200, that sucker is heavy but it gives great depth of field! When I'm shooting a wedding I am constantly changing my lenses. For example when I'm shooting details I tend to grab my little ole nifty fifty. But if when I shoot bridal party I need something that can go from wide to closer shot, so for this reason I often use my 24-120. And if I have enough space during bride and groom portraits I love using my 70-200.

My favorite things to shoot at a wedding is the detail shots ( dress, rings, shoes, invitation suite, etc) and formal portraits ( bridal party and bride / groom ). I love everything about the portraits on a wedding day. I love seeing all the details come together, the dresses, the suites, the flowers, the hair and makeup, all of it! And combined with proper posing and giving really good direction to my clients, these are always my favorites of the day!

One thing I take serious on a wedding day is giving lots of direction when it comes to posing. I realize that for a large majority of people feeling comfortable in front of the camera does not come naturally, myself included. However, I pride myself on helping and making you feel beautiful and natural in front of the camera. I guide you through the posing process and tweak poses to flatter your body in an organic and authentic way. I always tell my clients "if something feels off or you don't feel comfortable let me know and we will move on to a different pose or position." I am always up for trying something but if it doesn't work there in no point in wasting time on a pose that doesn't reflect your personality or what feels natural to you.

I'm not a cheep photographer and I market myself as a "luxury" photographer. Why? Because I want to work with people that value photography, people that want to print their images and hang them on their walls, clients that love fine art albums, people that love my work and trust me with their memories. Thats why I tell clients that photography is an investment. You are investing in your memories, moments you can't get back. Time is precious and I'm a firm believer in treasuring those memories with beautiful images to look back on. On average my bride and groom spend about $4000 with me and senior portrait clients generally invest about $500-$700 in their senior portrait session. I realize that not everyone is going to agree with my prices but I hold a lot of value in what I do for my clients and I everyone deserves beautiful photos.

Stay tuned to learn more about me. That felt really weird to write, but I'm just going with it. Also here is another photo of my face incase you already forgot what I look like.  

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